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And wholly effective.

Where natural healing traditions meet science.

The ingredients in our products have been used by generations. It’s time we proved the method behind our mastery.

Proven anti-inflammatory effects.

We worked with scientists on in vitro toxicology and anti-inflammation studies on human cells. Results showed that PainFix significantly reduced existing inflammation and inhibited the onset of new inflammation.

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Movement over medicines.

Recent studies, such as a series published in the Lancet Journal on lower back pain, support our proactive approach. The research emphasizes more physical activity to build muscle and bone strength. And it recommends against bed rest and and problematic chemicals like opioids. PainFix helps overcome the vicious cycle of injury and rest.

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Hold us to the highest standard.

PainFix products use a pharmaceutical grade adaptation of a centuries-old formula developed for Kung Fu masters, and developed over the last decade in pain treatment centers in Asia. Our modern extraction and distillation techniques with GMP-certified manufacturers ensure that all our products meet the highest standards for health and quality.

Our formulas are greater than the sums of their parts.

PainFix uses multiple natural and plant-based ingredients in our products.