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“It's truly amazing. I've had a faster recovery time and seen a decrease in the incidence of recurring pains. Wish I'd started using this ages ago.”

Kristen Morbito Athlete, Small Business Owner, San Francisco, CA

“I have been using Relief Gel after the gym for a painful shoulder and also after playing rugby, certainly helps with the recovery! Wife has also been using on her back... Def recommend this to anyone used to using topical creams before or after activity!”

Gordon Trotter Entrepreneur & Certified Strength Coach, Long Island, NY

“The PainFix patch starts to work immediately, has no side effects that I’ve noticed, and (best of all) is completely portable. Now I can keep up with my PT exercises without sacrificing any of my other activities.”

Emily Liu Yoga Teacher & Finance Professional, Washington, DC

“I badly bruised my upper arm and fractured my thumb a few months ago in a big fall. My doctor prescribed painkillers, but instead I used Relief Gel on both injuries every morning and night. The bruise and pain in my thumb started to reduce very quickly. I’m really thankful that I found PainFix!”

Jocelyn Casimiro Homemaker & Dog Lover, Eastvale, CA
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Get a personalized treatment.

Target your body’s specific needs. PainFix products work together with targeted exercise programs designed by certified physical therapists.


For when it matters, not just when it hurts.

So, you can focus on work for those extra hours, complete another set at the gym, spend more time on the beach, or play with your kids a little longer on the playground.

read our story PainFix founder's grandfather, Grandmaster Yap Shu Shen, 1920.
PainFix founder's grandfather, Grandmaster Yap Shu Shen, 1920.

A healing tradition dating back centuries.

Our roots lie in the healing medicines and practices of ancient Kung Fu masters. They understood that pain is the body’s way of communicating certain limits. They listened to these signals and used them to unlock the strongest, healthiest version of their bodies. The restoring formulas these Kung Fu masters used were passed down from generation to generation into the hands of PainFix founders, Yen Tse Yap and Jian Ping Fan.

read our story

“The results of in vitro anti-inflammatory tests for PainFix's herbal extracts were impressive, strongly indicating that the herbal extracts were capable of inhibiting inflammation. ”