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Don’t just mask your pain.

Our Relief Gel and Restore Patches work with targeted exercises for a proactive, restorative, and preventative approach to recovery.

“It's truly amazing. I've had a faster recovery time and seen a decrease in the incidence of recurring pains. Wish I'd started using this ages ago.”

Kristen Morbito Athlete, Small Business Owner, San Francisco, CA

“I have been using Raelief Gel after the gym for a painful shoulder and also after playing rugby, certainly helps with the recovery! Wife has also been using on her back... Def recommend this to anyone used to using topical creams before or after activity!”

Gordon Trotter Entrepreneur & Certified Strength Coach, Long Island, NY

“The PainFix patch starts to work immediately, has no side effects that I’ve noticed, and (best of all) is completely portable. Now I can keep up with my PT exercises without sacrificing any of my other activities.”

Emily Liu Yoga Teacher & Finance Professional, Washington, DC

“I badly bruised my upper arm and fractured my thumb a few months ago in a big fall. My doctor prescribed painkillers, but instead I used Relief Gel on both injuries every morning and night. The bruise and pain in my thumb started to reduce very quickly. I’m really thankful that I found PainFix!”

Jocelyn Casimiro Homemaker & Dog Lover, Eastvale, CA
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Some of our most frequently asked questions:

Apply a pea-sized amount into each affected area and massage until your skin feels dry. Our gel can be used when you have joint or muscle pain, or for preventative purposes, such as before a run, a long drive or day at work, or any rigorous training regimen.

Learn more How To Apply tips here for the PainFix Relief Gel. [[link to article]]

We recommend you keep the Restore Patch on for at least 8 hours, preferably between 12 and 15 hours. The Restore Patch gradually releases its ingredients during that time, and can also provide support to your body throughout your day.

Learn more about How To Apply the PainFix Restore Patch here. [[link to article]]

The formulas used in our products were originally developed over centuries by ancient Chinese physicians. We believe that the development process followed a similar process to what the great scientist Carl Sagan described here when he spoke about the potential benefits of folk medicine. Kung fu and pain relief medicines in China developed closely together. In fact, advances in this area of Chinese medicine can be seen as a form of early military technology that gave an edge to ancient soldiers and fighters.

Some ancestors of our company founders trained at the Shaolin Temple in China. The legend is that various formulas was learned there. Then, for nearly 90 years after, these formulas was used successfully on thousands of patients in clinics in Southeast Asia. PainFix modernized one of these formulas to develop our Relief Gel and Restore Patch.

PainFix can help with relieving muscle, joint, soft tissue (e.g. ligaments, tendons) problems. Common issues that our customers face are lower back pain, sports injuries, muscle spasms, tendinitis, stiff necks, shoulder pain and knee pain. PainFix can also be used as part of your preventative or maintenance routine, for example before an intense workout or at the office to support your back. For best results, use our products as part of a personalized Recovery Kit that comes with targeted physical therapy exercises. Answer our short questionnaire to get personalized relief now.

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