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Pictured above: Grandmaster Yap Shu Shen (Founder's grandfather) with his Kung Fu students.

Decades of experience.

A multi-dimensional approach to health. Our field-tested herbal medicines, exercise regimens, and lifestyle practices have been honed through our work with chronic pain patients at treatment centers in Asia over recent decades.

Centuries of learning

Based on the healing practices of ancient Kung Fu masters. Our lineage dates back thousands of years to Shaolin monks that studied the power of the human body. Their pain remedies for the battlefield were carefully guarded family secrets handed down from generation to generation. They eventually ended up in the hands of our co-founder Yen Tse Yap, a descendant of Kung Fu grandmasters.

A modern approach.

Adapted into a Pharmaceutical Chinese Medicine (PCM).Yen and his father integrated this PCM into their pain treatment centers across Asia. Over the past decade, an extended team of scientists, doctors, and physical therapists have evolved the PCM into a modern, multi-disciplinary approach.

It worked for ancient Kung Fu masters. It can work for you.

We see pain as an important signal.

It’s not meant to be avoided, but instead, listened to. It shows you where your body hits its limits, and where it needs the most care. Our products and exercises do more than restore comfort, they improve your circulation, reduce inflammation, and unlock the strongest, healthiest version of your body.

Cofounders Jian Ping Fan, PhD and Yen Tse Yap

Be proactive with PainFix.

Ancient Kung Fu masters understood the true power of the human body—from physical feats or endurance, to strength training, to mental fortitude. We founded PainFix on the idea that every one can experience a more engaged relationship with their bodies, including a deeper understanding of how to manage pain and discomfort. Our products are made to integrate into your daily lifestyle because relief should be preventative and holistic, not reactionary.

Once you understand how PainFix works, you won’t just use it for where it hurts.