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How To Apply Relief Gel For Your Shoulders

By PainFix co-founder Yen Tse Yap

Stiff shoulders are a modern-day malady. Sometimes they appear seemingly without any reason because we cause micro-level damage or strain to our upper bodies when we work long hours at our laptops. Over time, problems from our bad posture add up.

To treat your stiff shoulder or a shoulder injury, apply a pea sized amount of PainFix Relief Gel to your shoulder. Spread the gel around the shoulder muscles and joint. Using your fingers, look for trigger points. These feel like small bumps or knots in your muscles that feel painful when you apply pressure.

You want to rub the Relief Gel into these trigger points if possible. Massage the gel in and around the knots until fully absorbed. To apply more pressure, get a friend to carefully apply steady pressure to the knots with their elbow.

For even better results, combine the massage with a PainFix Restore Patch applied over the same trigger points.

PainFix Tip

Tingling sensations down your arm could be due to nerves in your neck getting impinged. Apply Relief Gel followed by a Restore Patch to your neck over several days.

Please follow the directions on the product package. If you have sensitive skin, test a small amount of the gel on your skin before applying. Wash your hands after applying PainFix Relief Gel. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals. If you’re applying the gel to your hands, wait at least 30 minutes after applying to wash your hands. Don’t apply to raw, burned, broken, or irritated skin. Allergic reactions to the patch are rare, but be sure to stop use and seek immediate medical attention if you notice any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling/itching or blisters.